Delicious local fish dishes Seafood restaurant Iwashiya

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There are other various dishes.

Sardine Cuisine

Sardine Eel, Loach, or Saury Broiled with a Sweetened-soy-sauce Glaze

海鮮処 いわしや | おいしい地魚料理A dish that is baked plumply with a special sauce and perfect for drinking.
The taste of sardines spreads throughout your mouth.
700 yen

Sashimi Assortment

海鮮処 いわしや | おいしい地魚料理Seasonal fresh seafood where you can feel the four seasons.
You can taste it with a platter. Eat with alcohol.
2,000 yen~

Fried food

Tempura Assortment

海鮮処 いわしや | おいしい地魚料理1,000 yen

Hatoshi Deep Fried Shrimp Paste Sandwich

海鮮処 いわしや | おいしい地魚料理800 yen

Shrimp Coated in Bread Crumbs and Deep-fried

海鮮処 いわしや | おいしい地魚料理1,200 yen

Omakase Course

Omakase Course A 4,000 yen
Omakase Course B 5,000 yen
Omakase Course C 6,000 yen

The number of items, ingredients, and cooking methods differ for each course.
The contents will also change from day to day. Anyway, please leave it to me.
In addition, we can cook according to your budget.

A word from Iwashiya

Delicious local fish dishes Seafood restaurant Iwashiya

In recent years, Iwashi, which is becoming valuable, has been carefully stocked with fresh fish that can be caught in the sea.
We meet customers' budgets with seasonal ingredients and freshness.

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Delicious local fish dishes Seafood restaurant Iwashiya